[VIDEO] The Meaning of Shivaratri


Shivaratri is  the night of the UNION between Consciousness and Energy

Shivaratri or Maha Shivratri is known as the "Great night of Shiva." which happens on the 13th night of the month of "Phalguna" - February/March. 

On this night, consciousness is said to peak. Our experiences drop as our attention goes inwards towards rising inner energies. The dark night of Shivaratri is the dark night of the soul, when we become the void and only darkness surrounds us. It is the stage just before enlightenment.

It is said on this night Shiva, the primal consciousness united with Shakti, the primal energy. On Shivaratri if we're open to it, our inner Shiva can unite with our inner Shakti, to bring forth the Higher Self.