11 Ways to Strengthen your Bond with Coworkers



There are many benefits to bonding with your colleagues. Not only can becoming friends with your coworkers help you progress in your career, but it will also create a positive work environment.  



1. Listen and Learn


Always listen to your colleagues, observe their body language. Did you know what 70% of communication is non-verbal? This will help you understand how your coworkers feel about you and their responsibilities.



2. Stay Calm and Use Intelligence


If you see yourself in a difficult situation with a colleague, never resort to anger. Stay calm, and always use your intellect to overcome each and every obstacle.



3. Keep gossip to a minimum:


Gossiping may get you attention at first, but it ultimately it will make you look untrustworthy. Any bond you may create from gossip is bound to be weak. Instead, try to make constructive opinions which may help your coworkers.



4. There’s no "I" in Team:


Rather than being extremely competitive, become a team player. This way you will always be supported, and who knows, you may even become a leader someday.



5. Never play the blame game: 


NEVER point your finger at others. This is the quickest way to make enemies. Try to pacify tense situations by offering helpful solutions that can be resolved by teamwork.



6. Don’t make things awkward:


Always think before you speak. Unlike your friends, your colleagues can’t leave the office if they don’t like a conversation, so choose what you say carefully.



7. Manners first: 


Always be polite and respectful to your coworkers. Make sure your actions are not distracting to anyone. Keep yourself and your belongings clean and hygienic. In this way you will make an example out of yourself.



8. Be Kind and helpful: 


Always be ready to help your colleagues, this is the way to earn their trust. If you want to take it even further, random acts of kindness such as offering to help with a deadline can do wonders.  



9. Celebrate others' victories: 


Give your coworkers credit when its due. If a coworker does well, make sure you congratulate them for their efforts. It wouldn’t be a bad idea to propose celebrating if it’s an important accomplishment.   



10. Be the best at what you do - humbly:


Being the best at what you do and being humble at the same time show integrity and proves you can be trusted. Remember not to publicize your accomplishments unnecessarily. Let your actions speak for themselves.



11. Meditate: 


Doing all of the above is not always easy. Work environments are often stressful and competitive. Watch your breath and meditate daily to keep things calm and never lose your cool.