[VIDEO] The Birth of the Five Elements

The Five Great Elements were born from Universal Consciousness, to create Life as we know it.

It is stated in the ancient tantric scriptures, that from super-consciousness was born prana, from prana the mind, and from the mind the pancha tattwa, the five great elements.

The first element was Akasha or ether. It is boundless matter containing an infinite expanse of latent energy. It is the subtlest of the elements and the cradle of consciousness; in which matter and energy both exist in their latent state.

When the intrinsic energy within Akasha begins to vibrate, movement is born. Thus the energy becomes kinetic which causes the birth of vayu tattwa, the element of air.

Vayu tattwa, which emerges from movement, inherits this quality and becomes the tattwa with a penetrating motion and the maximum freedom of movement.

The vigorous movement of Vayu tattwa generates heat, which results in the birth of agni tattwa, or the fire element.

In Agni tattwa, the kinetic energy decreases, which causes some of the radiating heat of Agni to dissipate. The dissipation causes cooling, from which apas tattwa emerges.

Without the movement of vayu tattwa and the heat of agni tattwa, the particles of Apas tattwa become limited by a definite space, allowing reduced movement.

As the vibration decreases further, apas tattwa slowly sets into prithvi tattwa, where it loses all freedom of movement, and becomes confined by the space which it occupies.