Spirituality and Creativity: Two Sides of the Same Coin


The greatest way to express spiritual energy is in the form of creativity. If we are able to use our creative energy with absolute awareness, it can be a stepping stone by which we can pave the way towards spirituality.

Creativity is an energy that comes from within, in a moment of absolute unattachment.  To create something great, we must forget ourselves entirely if only for a moment. Creativity can only arise from a centre of silence. One who is constantly worried, anxious, busy and stressed is unable to create anything beautiful. If we are not able to completely forget ourselves, then we are unable to see things in their real form. Everything we see will be tainted by our limitations, likes and dislikes; there will be a reflection of us in everything. In the same way, anything we create, under such an influence will also be tainted by our mental state.

We must transform the mind into a mirror. The nature of a mirror is to reflect reality perfectly; a mirror can reflect the entire sun, yet it retains nothing. It remains unattached. However, if the mirror is unclean, the impurity on the surface of the mirror will condition the reflection, replicating an inaccurate version. Only if we are able to clean the mirror that is our mind, are we truly able to create.

Most creative people are in love with they do; they are deeply passionate about their work. When we have that kind of passion, that connection to what we intend to express, we become so involved with what we are creating, that we forget ourselves. We become what we are creating.

Spirituality and creativity are two sides of the same coin. In order to advance spiritually, we must learn how to forget ourselves. We must learn to break away from our attachments and free ourselves from our own mental constructs, hoping to access a version of reality that remains uncontaminated by our limitations. In a way, spirituality is about dissolving ourselves.

Spirituality and creativity both originate from a center of inspiration. Spiritual practices unleash our creativity, and in the same way, expressing our creativity boosts our spiritual nature.

If we observe the different forms of yoga from their creative aspect, we can see that Karma yoga, develops creativity in the external life in the form of interactions, behaviour and expression. Jnana yoga develops intuition, which is creativity within our intellect and bhakti yoga develops our emotional creativity. Thus, Yoga awakens our intellectual, mental, emotional and physical creativity, and creativity supports and carries the seeker within.