Rooney Mara Launches Animal Friendly Clothing Brand


Rooney Mara co-creates animal friendly clothing line "hiraeth collective."


Rooney Mara is making fashion headway with her new elegant and stylish vegan clothing line. Created with best friend Sara Schloat, the award-winning actress turned fashion designer has released her new line, focusing predominately on style, garment longevity and a 100% cruelty-free approach.

Mara has been a loud and proud vegan for seven years now and during these years has found herself searching far and wide for stylish vegan shoes, clothes and accessories and was sick of coming up empty handed. She found that if the garment was vegan and animal cruelty free, she could never determine where and by who the piece was made. Vowing to not engage in cruelty or disadvantage of either animals or humans, Mara decided to fill the void in her life and start her own line.

Establishing this movement with a pair of faux leather combat boots, Mara’s foresight grew quickly and transformed itself into “Hiraeth Collective”. The word Hiraeth is an old Welsh word that describes the feeling of disconnect or missing, in this case, specifically disengagement to that of who makes clothing and where and how materials are sourced. Mara explains, “When I came across that word, the meaning really resonated with me… we’ve grown up so disconnected from everything”. She wants the Hiraeth Collective to offer the experience of the opposite of fast fashion, with pieces and garments that last the test of time, “…it was important for us to make pieces you can wear forever, or at least, long enough for it to mean something” explains Mara.

It was also important for the duo to not overlook high-quality fashion ideas and decisions. The pieces in the line include dainty blouses, faux leather pants with a matching harness, velvet items, turtleneck sweaters, a corduroy suit and a delicate slip dress. All of these pieces are 100% animal free, meaning that leather, wool, silk and cashmere have all been completely avoided. This fact makes Mara stand out from her counterparts and accents her dedication and genuine approach. Her approach also gives her customers the chance to support ethically made and produced clothing without compromising on style and elegance. The new look book can be described as moody and timeless with a touch of romance.

Even if you are not vegan, most people will feel a sense of alarm at knowing that 50 million animals are killed worldwide each year for fashion. Most of us do not look past the physical aspect of a garment or the price tag of a piece, but there is so much more that goes into the production of textiles and clothing. Most animals used for fur or leather live short, tortured lives to only end up as a pair of shoes or a handbag. With animal cruelty information on the constant rise, we are now put in a position, as a consumer, to know how our clothing is made and whether it resonates with us ethically.

Produced entirely in Los Angeles, the creators of Hireath Collective are aware of every single ethical element that goes into the creation of their clothing, shoes or accessories and take great pride in this fact. Mara explains, “That was really important to me—to know where everything comes from, and that it’s all coming from a place of integrity”.

Hiraeth Collective is onto a good and honest thing with this new look book and is making waves in establishing the importance of well-sourced, elegant, fashion forward, vegan clothing. With two market dates in February in New York, Mara is bound to be the hottest new fashion designer on the block with a fresh and liberating take on fashion.