Historical London Market bans the Sale of Fur from 2018


The trendy Old Spitalfields Market by Brick Lane in East London has announced merchants will no longer be allowed to sell fur in 2018.

An announcement posted on the market’s Facebook page stated “Following a review carried out by the Market, we have taken the decision to request stall holders do not offer animal fur for sale from the beginning of next year.” They later stated “The exact wording and details are still being worked out but we thought we’d share this now.” The ban arrives after Italian fashion label Gucci announced they would “go fur-free” in 2018.

Animal rights activists consider the move to be a victory of animal rights after a year of much controversy. Just over two months ago, campaigners called for fur to be banned at London fashion Week.

Earlier this year, an investigation led by the Humane Society International and Sky News disclosed big retailers including Missguided and House of Fraser, were unintentionally selling real animal fur in place of faux fur. Some of the products labelled as faux fur were actually found to contain cat fur.

Last month, animal rights activists protested in Regent Street over the opening of US clothing store Canada Goose. Animal rights group PETA claim Canada Goose fur coats are made from coyotes caught in the wild using steel traps, which are then shot or bludgeoned to death. Furthermore, they claim the geese whose feathers are used in the company jackets are seriously mistreated.

A spokesperson for Canada Goose declared “PETA and other animal activists are grossly misinformed about our animal welfare practices.

"Canada Goose remains deeply committed to the responsible use and ethical sourcing of all animal materials in our products.”

Fur farming was banned in the UK in 2000, however over £650m worth of fur has since been imported into Britain, mainly from China and Eastern Europe since then.