The 6 Rules to deal with Negative Criticism.

Photo credit: Dino Reichmuth

Photo credit: Dino Reichmuth

We all face undesirable opinions frequently. Though we all know, they shouldn’t affect us, many times they do. We get upset, irritated, angry, etc. How do we put a stop to it?


1.     Establish yourself in your centre, stay detached.

When other people’s negative opinions affect you, it is only because of your own insecurities and doubts. They can only offend you when you think there may be some truth to their words. The best way to stay rooted, firm and indifferent to criticism, is when you’re confident and completely sure of yourself. Focus, introspect and fix yourself in your cause.


2.     Realise there may be something special about you. 

It’s not by chance that people who are most criticised are often the most innovative, either in their actions or their beliefs. If you do something that goes against the standard of what is normal and ordinary, you are automatically opening yourself up to criticism. The more you advance and the greater your progress, the higher the probability of consistent criticism.


3.     Remember the critic is far from perfect.

Sometimes people’s opinions about you, reveal a flaw they see in themselves but are unable to face. It is always easier to point a finger at someone else than to face our own shortcomings. Contemplate the true motives of your critic, it may help you stay detached.


4.     If they're wrong, listen and learn.

Sometimes, negative criticism will serve you well because it will offer a different perspective. It is always wise to understand the way others think and feel about your actions, so you can always be well prepared and act accordingly.


5.     Never get defensive.

Never try to defend yourself when a critic annoys you. Our words always carry our feelings, no matter how much we try to hide them. Even if you’re right, there’s no point in speaking when your words come from a state of anger or irritability. Take a few breaths, and only reply if you feel it is truly constructive.


6.     Never accept abuse or humiliation.

Never accept any form of abuse from anyone. If you accept being degraded, you are accepting you are not good enough, and you will only fuel your own insecurities. If you’re wrong, accept it and move on. Walk away from those who try to humiliate you.