10 Eco-friendly leggings for your yoga practice


Chic, stylish and Eco-friendly leggings

There are many reasons to wear eco-friendly clothing, and during our search for conscious fashion we may sometimes feel beautiful and responsible clothing is difficult to find. Here is a list of ten stylish designs for your practices you will love.


Comfortable, colourful, shaped-fit and eco-conscious leggings by Lolë made of 4-way stretch fabric. Check inside the waistband to read Lolë's inspirational Live out loud everyday message. 


Stylish, printed and eco-friendly leggings by Lolë made of 4-way stretch fabric. Limited Edition, perfect for all your activities.


Chic and neo-classic design by Manduka. The leggings have a soft polished fabric around the knees and a classic rise. 


These Classic rise and snug fit leggings by Manduka will make you flow like water during your practice. 


The dance-inspired flux tight leggings by Manduka feature a four-way stretch fabric and are available in multiple designs


These beautiful eco-friendly leggings inspired in the Northern lights by Teeki will make you look light and energetic.


Can you believe this chic nature-inspired leggings by Teeki are made of recycled plastic bottles? 


Lily Lotus' best selling leggings are dyed by hand. Wear them in the studio, at home and outside. 


These lightweight leggings by Ferocity Yoga are made of recycled plastic bottles and each piece is unique.


These ankle length leggings are made of Fishers Finery's EcoFabric™, They're fitted at the hip and thigh and are great year around due to their moisture wicking capacity.