The Yogi Press accepts guest articleS. Want to send us your work? Here is your "to do" list:

1) Understand our style and try to stay consistent with it. Generally, we write about traditional yoga, spirituality, tantra and other eastern practices. These would include topics such as Hatha Yoga, Kriya Yoga, Ayurveda, Kundalini Tantra, etc. We do not normally publish articles about new-age concepts which do not belong to the heritage of ancient Yogis, such as "Beer Yoga" or Tantra strictly from a sexual perspective. Every article on The Yogi Press is based on practices and teachings from the ancient scriptures, except for the sections "Yogi Scientist", "Yogi & Vanguard" and "Yogi Inspiration."

2) Your article should follow the style of one of our sections, which are:

a) Yoga, Mind & Consciousness: All subjects related to yoga, mind and consciousness. This can include news, practices, theory, events, experiences, philosophy, etc. 

b) Scientific Yogi: Articles in this section are generally about scientific findings. These can be recent or older findings. Typical articles in this section will include research and scientific advancements on health and wellness, consciousness, the universe, emotions and other topics related to The Yogi Press. All articles in this section must be adequately referenced.

c) Yoga Theory: This section deals with articles based on traditional theory. This can include yoga theory, tantra, Buddhist theory, yoga philosophy, etc.

d) Seeker Skills: The section on seeker skills features writing which aims at cultivating mental and emotional skills in our readers.  

e) Yogi & Vanguard: Articles published in this section will focus on world events, human rights, animal rights, ethical consumerism, ethical fashion and relevant news. 

f) Yogi Calendar: Publication in this section will refer to specific events, dates, astronomical happenings or stages of the moon. 

e)  The Healer: Articles in this section are based on traditional healing methods. If writing for this section please contact us first, as this section is the most sensitive and restricted. 

g) Ayurveda & Nutrition: All subjects related to Ayurveda. 

h) Yogi Inspiration: Articles about inspiring people, organisations or movements that have greatly influenced humanity, animals or the environment.

i) Seekers of the World: Articles about people that have a unique story to tell about their experience with yoga and meditation.

j) Partners: Articles about brands, products, services and organisations that want to connect with our readers. e.g. Apps, books, clothing, retreats, courses, etc.


3) Word count: Typically articles should be between 800 - 1200 words. They may be shorter or longer if necessary, but never under 600 words.


4) If any part of your work has been published elsewhere, you must tell us in the submission form below. When articles have been published elsewhere, the title must be changed and the content must be altered by at least 40%. You must also change all headlines.


5) If possible, always submit an image with your article. However, please note you must have rights to the image. If this isn't possible, we will try find a suitable image in our database. Alternatively, you can use images from the creative commons database.


6) Include a short third person Bio and headshot of yourself. You may include an email address, social media handle or website and we will link to you. 


7) Expect the article to be edited. We proofread and edit every article submitted. We reserve the right to choose what content we use for final publication. Note: Articles are mainly edited for writing style and search optimisation. If articles needed substantial editing they will be referred to our guided publishing service.

8) Remember The Yogi Press does not pay for any guest posts at this time, all submissions are voluntary. 


9) Important: When you submit your work to The Yogi Press, you are essentially conferring us the right to use the work forever. When publishing on The Yogi Press, you agree to not republish the same content again anywhere else. However, you are free to link to our published article. In return, we agree to always credit you adequately in the event a journalist or other publication may want to cover your work. 


10) Bonus: We will publish guest posts on our facebook and instagram (+20,000 followers), giving your work substantial exposure. We will also tag you to the article or post (unless you don't want us to). In return we ask that you link to the article from your website. Also, we ask that you to engage with the readers by replying to any comments or questions related to your article on our website, facebook page or instagram account. Our readers love the authors to be involved.


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