Rebecca Jordan

Rebecca Jordan – The Yogi Press Contributor

Rebecca Jordan is a writer, actress and screenwriter from LA, California. Her passions and hobbies include half marathon running, yoga, and vegan cooking.

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Mary Sara

Mary Sara – The Yogi Press Contributor

Mary Sara is a regular contributor for The Yogi Press. She has a passion for the environment, cooking, wildlife photography and meditation.

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Gillian Florence

Gillian Florence

Gillian Florence Sanger is a spiritual writer and yoga teacher. After spending many years exploring the landscape within, she completed her Hatha yoga teacher training at Mahadevi Ashram in Guatemala in 2018. Gillian works with individuals to facilitate a deep exploration of self through mindfulness, meditation, and yoga. Her written work has appeared in numerous online publications including Conscious Magazine, Thought Catalog, and Conscious Movement. Get in touch with her on her website.

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Gautama Singh

Gautama Singh – Writer for The Yogi Press

Gautama Singh is part of The Yogi Press team. He is a lover of Jazz music and thrillers. His favourite pastimes are surfing, meditation and eating vegan dim sum.

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Gautama Singhgautama-singh
Ked Suri

Ked Suri, Founder of The Yogi Press

Ked was born and raised in Barcelona. He considers himself a blend of East and West, keeping from each world what is most exceptional.Yoga has played an important part of his life since his early years; he was initiated at the Bihar School of Yoga at the age of seven and experienced ashram life every year whilst growing up, spending much time with swamis, yogis and renunciates. Get in touch with him.

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Ajanta Surikedar-nath
Ajanta Suri

Ajanta Suri – Regular Contributor

Ajanta Suri has been a disciple of Yogi Paramahansa Satyananda Saraswati since the 1980s. She met him in Paris where she was studying design, after completing high school in the Himalayas. She established her first yoga centre in Barcelona in 1999 which taught Satyananda Yoga. She also founded and published Yogaworld magazine. She now leads yogic retreats and workshops in Barcelona and India for private groups and corporations. Get in touch with her.

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Ajanta Suriajanta-suri
Anna Bukchin

Anna Bukchin is a Yoga teacher, writer and the founder of Active Sanctuary Yoga studio in Melbourne. Anna has completed over 1000 hours of training in various styles of Yoga and has a Bachelor's degree in writing from Deakin University. As a former officer from the Israeli Air Force, Anna has travelled the world and found inspiration from teachers in India, Israel, Russia, France and Australia. You can follow her photos on instagram and her writing on her website.

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Anna Bukchinanna bukchin